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Maybe 2019 will be the year women’s voices are finally heard? There are definitely some great new authors that are making an effort.

Mira Jacob

One is Mira Jacob, whose book Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations was published this year. The book is illustrated with pictures and drawings by the author. It emphasizes how necessary it is for people to consider the language they use between one another and realize how real experiences regarding representation and race are.

The book introduces us to the Indian writer’s family in all its realness. It talks about how difficult interracial relationships in America still are. Jacob is an Indian woman married to a Caucasian man, and if that weren’t hard enough to deal with, there are also her young son’s pressing concerns about their resemblance to terrorists.

Han Kang

This Korean writer writes in her native language, but the English translations of her novels are making her work accessible to western readers, and we’re fascinated. Human Acts, her second novel, tells the tale of a violent student protest in South Korea, in which a young boy loses his life. The book traces the deep impact of the boy’s death and the protest and features the interwoven narratives of the victims of violence, those protesting, those mourning the loss of loved ones, and those bemoaning their country’s fate.

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Buchanan’s novel, titled Harmless Like You, is about the many different ways, in which children inherit identity”. Fluidly moving through space and time, the novel is about a Japanese woman struggling to realize herself as an artist and her son, whom she abandoned as a child and is now an adult.

Ethel Rohan

Ethel Rohan’s debut novel, The Weight of Him, is a poignant and riveting tale of a morbidly obese man who tries to lose weight to raise funds for treatment of depression and suicide prevention. His health isn’t his main consideration, surprisingly – his main motive is that he lost his son to suicide. The book explores weight loss, compulsive eating, suicide, suicide prevention, and the will to survive against all odds. The main character’s public weight-loss campaign is full of ups and downs. Losing weight and coping with the pain takes more courage and willpower than he imagined.

These new, up-and-coming writers represent the millennial age with all its pinnacles and pitfalls. Their works paint a fascinating landscape, sometimes quite literally.