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I am a spanko-y, d/s-ish, bondage-loving, masochistic-type housewife.  Oversexed, with a love of being overstimulated.

I like manly men, and I wear fancy underpants. It’s possible I’d respond to manly men in fancy underpants, but I am afraid I’ve never given it a whirl.

Honestly, it’s less about innate feminine submission (which is bunk), than it’s about putting together a life as a piece of art. Maybe it’s just some sort of aspirational “dolce vita” performance art made up of ideas patchworked together via a life of modern media, but I don’t I think it’s make-believe.

I think it comes from a place that’s genuine.  I get off on this–*thing*. Whatever it is.

My goal here is to deliver quality erotic fiction, excellent dirty pictures, and occasional commentary to folks that aren’t afraid of the occasional big word.  I hope to do my best to contribute to a sexual culture that is broader and deeper than catering to the imagined whims of very young, straight men.

I don’t want to be a girl gone wild. I’m a a grown up lady that sincerely values sex and authentic sexual expression.

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