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Out of Her Hair


Flash Fiction Friday – Aka, my attempt to overcome crippling perfectionism.   She’d wash that man right out of her hair. She stood under the torrent and let the heat work it’s magic on her tense shoulders. It didn’t matter if his face was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t her fault he was basically her idea […]

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The Chickenthief of Gor

(If you are not aware of Gor, oh, are you missing out.  And by “missing out,” I mean, “I envy your blissful ignorance.”)   Rodney Dragondong did stealthily creep across his vast landholdings at Orchard Grace Retirement home, his two-handed man-blade peace-tied to his back. He had an honorable mission to accomplish, and no low-born […]

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I lean on the cool railing and look down at the marbled floor. My feet hurt. A man’s hand stops the door. “You look good.” I squint up, expecting a creeper. It’s Evan. The elevator doors shut. “18.” I push the button. I am now stuck in an elevator with Evan the Ex. Perfect. “What […]

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