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Best Erotic Fiction Written by Women

Female writers arrive at the genre of erotica for various reasons. It may be for a business opportunity, to safely explore sexual fantasies they can’t disclose in their real lives, or to merely create steamy stories that will arouse readers.

Some individuals firmly believe the mindset that fiction is just that: Fiction, and doesn’t bear any truth to real-life trends in sexuality. Women entering the world of erotic fiction has become increasingly popular in the mainstream.  The idea of not having to hide erotica into some dark closet portrays the message that it’s acceptable to think about sex, to fantasize about what turns them on.

The fact that erotica is now so easily obtained with sites like XHamster videos, means that people are becoming more comfortable discussing sex, including kinky fetishes. These authors have discovered the center of what makes sex so pleasureful by capturing the down-and-dirty experiences in combination with the emotional nuances that make these stories worthy of being read.

Obviously, one everyone has heard of is the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Former TV executive, wife and mother of two, EL James has been creating romantic fiction since 2009. Her career accelerated in 2012 when her Fifty Shades Trilogy become a worldwide bestseller and afterward blockbuster movie sensations. This trilogy begins when a literature student interviews a young entrepreneur. This man, however, is dealing with his own demons and is consumed by his desire to control. The couple embarks on a passionate physical relationship where the lit student uncovers her own secret desires. This trilogy can consume, possess, and contains the power to never let the reader forget.

Another famous series is the Crossfire Series also referred to by the books in it Bared to You by renowned author Sylvia Day. This #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today & #1 international bestselling author of over twenty award-winning novels is one of the most worldwide read authors today. It entails of a twenty-four-year-old survivor of childhood sexual abuse who struggles to overcome her past.  She is drawn to a formerly abused young billionaire. Together, they attempt to heal each other with a healthy sensual connection.

Before these series were an apple in their creator’s eyes, there was another similar hidden gem. A renowned author famous for her books of Interview with the Vampire and Vampire Chronicles series is also known for her romance novels. Anne Rice, who writes under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure is responsible for giving readers their initial taste of erotica. A.N. Roquelaure wrote a series of books called Sleeping Beauty. This isn’t the typical fairytale everyone reads or watches. This novel portrays the prince waking up Beauty not with the famous kiss, but sexual initiation. He ends the century-old enchantment. His reward, not living happily ever after, but instead, he demands Beauty’s full and complete enslavement to him. This series features 4 books expanding from 1983 with the initial novel; The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty which Playboy reviewed as “articulate, baroque, and fashionably pornographic.” The most recent one being Beauty’s Kingdom in 2015. After a thirty-year hiatus, it’s bound to be just as provocative and stirring as the previous three.

There has been an increase in opportunities for writers of erotica due to a large number of e-publishers who’ve surfaced recently. Whatever a readers’ cup of tea, there is certain to be a significant amount of erotica sex out there for their enjoyment.