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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sex and Authenticity

Daddy and I watch a lot of weird porn. We go looking for it. It’s not about titillation. It’s the gawking urge. It’s what kept freakshows alive. Or, reality TV. Most weird porn is just weird for the sake of being weird. Shots set up like it’s Bergman!  Decorative lizards! Singing about magical tacos! Why [...]

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Pleasure Bound by Deborah Lutz


I had jury duty this morning, and I took this with me. There is something a little strange about sitting in a packed courtroom, reading about “erotic melancholia” and lesbian Christ figures quivering in death orgasm.

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Special Places

Do men really wear their watches up that high on the wrist?

There are some spots on the body that work better than others–they’re more sensitve.  There are people that can be had just by blowing on the right spot on their neck or having their thighs touched just so. Where his hand is on her side up there? That spot sets off a cascade of other [...]

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