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Corwin Prescott

This photos is now available as a print on my website as an edition of 20.

When I figured out how extensive the (since rectified) Tumblr blackout was, Corwin Prescott was one of the first “victims” that came to mind. If you don’t recognize his style, you’re just not paying attention to the quality smut that makes the rounds out there in Internetland. No, really. There are prints. Ways to find […]

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The Burning Lotus


I found this picture on tumblr: I thought, “Is that gray hair? Is it a filter washing out someone’s blonde?” It’s gray. From her FAQ: I take pictures of myself. Sometimes others take pictures of me too, but I tell you that in the caption of the image. But mostly it really is me and TBL. And […]

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Photographer: Mikey McMichaels

If you’re not following his tumblr, you might want to go take a look.

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