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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Martin van Maële

I don't even know.

 Little is known about the life of Martin van Maële. He worked at Brussels as well as Paris, and his best known work – consisting among other things of an illustrated edition of Paul Verlaine’s poems – was published in small, secretive editions by publisher Charles Carrington.  Van Maële’s career is said to have really [...]

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Alex Stoddard on Flickr and Where the Line Is

Stillborn, 2012

This entry exists, because I wanted to know where a picture came from.  It’s not a super sexy titillating picture.  But, it is an artsy, naked picture. It turned out to be a self-portrait of Alex Stoddard over on flickr. It can be sort of near-impossible to track some of these photos down.  The flickr account [...]

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Five Terrible Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Guilt. The ultimate aphrodisiac.

Surprise butt sex. Vulva-scented perfume.  Yes, really. Lingerie that doesn’t fit.  The ways it can be taken badly actually multiply as you give it deeper thought.  It’s the terrible gift that keeps giving. Poetry with star-crossed lovers.  No one wants to be the Juliet to your Romeo, the Sid to your Nancy, or the Plath [...]

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