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Monthly Archives: July 2012



So, #PornHasTaughtMe trended on Twitter earlier today. Lots of jokes about plumbers, pizza delivery, and pool boys. Really, for me, the best thing about porn lessons is the cross-cultural opportunities. Ten things you can learn through the wonder of international porn titles: Italians dig on group sex, and that group always includes a “mature” woman who acts as [...]

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There’s a new story.

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The Downsides of Having a Giant Dick

Linda: i have random totally unimportant self involved news. would you like to participate in my narcissism? Joan: um. okay. Linda: i know you are sitting there thinking “she is so fucking WEIRD” Joan: actually, i am reading about ginormous schlong. you interrupted. Linda: seriously? LINK. Joan: YES. Seriously. Linda: omg. you one upped [...]

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