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Erotica Character Sheet

I searched far and wide, and I couldn’t find a character sheet that asked these sorts of questions. I hope this helps someone out there.



Gender Identity:

Self-described Orientation:

Kinsey Scale #:

Does this person like sex?

Active or passive participant in sexual encounters?


How is the character’s body image?

What does the character think about penis size? If they have a penis, how do they think they rate?

If the character has breasts are they happy with them? Are they the sort that really enjoys fake breasts?

Does this character fetishize/sexualize any particular body parts?

How confident is the character in their level of sexual attractiveness?

Any STDs:

Does the character emphasize safe sex?

In general, how “safe” do they feel sex is?

How does the character feel about the procreative potential of sex? Is the character sterile/sterilized? Utilizing contraception?

Does this character have to “be in love” to feel sex is “meaningful?”

Does the character feel that sex requires “meaning?”

Is this a person who would be open to polyamory? Swinging? Threesomes? Group sex?

What are this person’s opinions on sexual fidelity?

Do they have any religious opinions on sex, even in the form of guilty hangovers from their upbringing?

Does this character feel ashamed about any part of their sexual person?

Does this character have sex as an act of rebellion in certain contexts?

Is this character sexually educated, largely ignorant or innocent, or somewhere in between?


General libido level:

Does character see themselves as a person with a high or low libido?

How often does this character masturbate?

Is he/she/ze a porn consumer? Why or why not?

What sort of porn?

How often do they watch porn?

Most frequent fantasies while masturbating:

How often does he/she/ze have sex?

How often would he/she/ze like to have sex?

Does character have a sense of entitlement about sex? Do they feel that sex is a basic human right? Do they feel that people who go without sex are likely to act out?

How important do they feel sexual compatibility is in a relationship?

Does character associate their sexual self with their sense of who they are? If you stripped them of their primary sexual identity (ex.: gay, submissive, fetishist) who would they be?


Sexual History:

First experience of arousal:

When did character first masturbate? What were early fantasies like?

First sexual experience with a partner? (Age, context)

Was it a positive or negative experience?

How many sexual partners have they had?

What was their best sexual experience?

What was their worst?

What is the wildest sexual thing they’ve ever done?

Has the character been sexually traumatized?

Does the character feel they are over the truama(s), or is it a recurring issue that causes them problems?

Is the character comfortable with the thought of sex and aging? Does the character really buy into the idea of sex as an activity for the young and attractive?



What is the character’s ideal “type?”

Does the character actually date their ideal “type?”

What does the character think is “sexy” in another person?

Favorite sexual activity?

Does the character have any body parts they do not want touched or stimulated?

Is the character comfortable with pain in a sexual context?

Is the character pro-toy or anti-toy?

Does the character talk during sex? Do they like a partner that talks?

Does the character have kinks or fetishes?

When the character has sex with a partner, do they utilize inner fantasies? If so what do they fantasize about?

Is the character fixated on visual stimulus–will they refuse to fuck it if it doesn’t look “right?”

Do they have a “rule” about sex on first dates? How well must they know a person before they’ll have sex with them?

What are the character’s “hard limits?”

What does the character hope to do, sexually, before they die?

Do they feel that they have fulfilled their sexual potential, or do they have regrets they haven’t done?

Do they have regrets about the things they HAVE done?

Does the character have sexual fantasies that they would never act out? Why?



  1. tg
    Posted July 23, 2013 at 12:31 am | Permalink

    Yow!! Thanks for this — a terrific resource. I was fleshing out a character I’m working on as I was reading it.

    • Joan
      Posted July 23, 2013 at 1:33 am | Permalink

      I”m glad you found it helpful!

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