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Like Sugar

Like Sugar

Chris Holfax is having a bad year. He’s lost his friends, his house, and his interest in his job–and most everything else. When a quiet student strikes an unlikely and perverse deal with him, he finds that things are suddenly looking up.

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A fellow writer recommended this book to me, and I’m glad I listened. “Like Sugar” is the freshest erotica piece I’ve read in quite awhile. Snarky and sexy, with a good dose of kink and humor, this is a must-read. Looking forward to reading more of Joan Defers work!
-Daisy Danger

What makes Like Sugar so much better than most teacher/student porn is that Like Sugar has the best written characters I have seen in a long time. The professor is a depressed asshole. The student is a smart secretive girl who knows more about power than he does. Both characters are funny, intelligent and most of all, believable.
-Shon Richards