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Pretty Little Dolls

Anastasiya Shpagina

So, some Old Guy in the Sci-fi and Fantasy market made a fool of himself. Brace yourself for some Grade A Creeper-fap (h/t to Betsy Dornbusch) from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s Bulletin by C. J. Henderson: The reason for Barbie’s unbelievable staying power, when every contemporary and wanna-be has fallen by the […]

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The Chickenthief of Gor

(If you are not aware of Gor, oh, are you missing out.  And by “missing out,” I mean, “I envy your blissful ignorance.”)   Rodney Dragondong did stealthily creep across his vast landholdings at Orchard Grace Retirement home, his two-handed man-blade peace-tied to his back. He had an honorable mission to accomplish, and no low-born […]

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Creeps and Geeks


I have dated them. I’ve had them as roommates. I’ve worked with them (oh, man, have I worked with them.) I have them as friends. I know creeps. There’s the too-shy dude. The “nice” guy that “can’t catch a break,” who’s actually a dick that invalidates his own “girls like assholes” theory. The undiagnosed dude […]

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