I am a boring married lady.  A spanko-y, d/s-y, masochistic-type housewife.  Oversexed and overstimulated.

Fun stuff.

I like manly men, and I wear fancy underpants. It’s possible I’d respond to manly men IN fancy underpants, but I am afraid I’ve never given it a whirl.

I keep house and mother a child and garden and sew and cook and “take care of myself” and defer to his judgment and grovel for cock. I suppose, depending on the language you’re attached to, that’s all “service” or “misogyny” or something.

Honestly, though, it’s less about innate feminine submission, or getting off on vacuuming, and more about putting together a life as a piece of art–maybe it’s life as some sort of aspirational “dolce vita” performance art–surely ideas patchworked together by a life of modern media, but I don’t know that I think it’s make-believe.

I think it comes from a place that’s genuine.  I get off on this–*thing*.

Anyway.  This is half scrapbook, half diary.

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