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The total ended up near 70k. I didn’t really start to lose it until the last 10 days. I tried explaining this last night.  “The book is pretentious.  For real.  It’s like I took out my id and threw it at the wall.” “And, what did the Rorschach blot say?” “That I’m Pavlov’s drunken whore.” [...]

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Long Hauls


I am over 30k.  Woot! WordPress comes with the worst stats program ever.  I guess I have to find a new one. I am still finding my way around story #3, but #5 is going beautifully. I found this picture, and now I have to find some way to include vehicular sex.  Because for some [...]

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Hitting the Wall


So, I am past the 25k mark, and I stalled out on story three because I was over invested emotionally I hate it when that happens. I have whole books I’ve just collapsed on that way. But, the second story is complete. And, it’s titled “Failure as an Erotic Art Form.” Advice: don’t listen to [...]

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This Seemed Oddly Appropriate Today

Gerald August Naus :: Mar 23, 2009


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Ten Thousand Words

From sex and submission (kink.com)

So, I finished the first short story last night. Ten thousand words. Somehow, I think I may have started out with the most complicated sex scenes of the lot. I was perusing my outline last night, and really, the rest of the book is all one on one sex. Of course, that might change. The [...]

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Five Thousand Words


Oh, my. I have a filthy mind. I figured that the first story would end up around 10k.  I’m at 5k, and I am not halfway through yet. This could be a more porntatstic porn adventure than I initially thought.

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Imaginary Three Way Action

Three way action!

So, the book is actually interconnected short stories. Because, honestly? I am not down for a really long “erotic romance.” Being stuck with two characters for 50 thousand words sounds more like a prison sentence than any fun at all. The first story involves multi-penis. I am not really sure when I got stuck on [...]

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NaNoWriMo Porn

©2011 Calico Lane by The Dirty Gentleman (#168)

  So, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself.  And, what to do with this space. And, I have come to a decision. I am going to write porn. Maybe it’s “erotica.”  Or, “sex writing.”  Or something more ladylike. But, I’m okay with just writing porn.  Really.  I am pro-porn on [...]

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