Word of the Day: Irrumatio

The more you know…

Irrumatio, also called irrumation, is a type of sexual intercourse performed by actively thrusting one’s penis into a partner’s mouth and throat.

“Latin erotic terminology actually distinguishes two acts … First, fellation, in which the man’s penis is … orally excited by … the … [fellator ..., and] Second, irrumation … in which the man (the irrumator) … engages in … motions by moving his hips and body in a rhythm of his own choice.”

That’s impressive attention to linguistic accuracy.

Trust the Romans to verbally dissect oral sex. These were a people that had phallus wind chimes, because an erect cock “was also a symbol of good fortune and a charm against evil.” (“Oh, Septivus, the sweet music on the air makes me think of you.”)

Oral sex of any kind was considered to be an act of defilement: the mouth had a particularly defined role as the organ of oratory, as in Greece, to participate in the central public sphere, where discursive powers were of great importance. Thus, to penetrate the mouth could be taken to be a sign of massive power differential within a relationship.

Apparently, it was pretty popular though. There are frescoes depicting oral sex at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

This is all from Wikipedia.

Consider this a vocabulary-expanding exercise.

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