Mixing in Pain


If you haven’t been there, you don’t know.

Why does pain work?

It’s easy to look at rougher sex and think, “Holy crap that looks like it hurts.  Why?”

Because blood rushes to the spot.  (That’s why it goes all pink and red.)

Because your pleasure and pain neurons are pretty much on the same routes.

Because there’s an adrenaline rush, which is basically magic for the reproductive urge.


Because it forces you to pay attention.  To stay in the moment.  To stop thinking about minutia.  It keeps you on your toes.  It keeps you from making grocery lists in your head while you’re having sex.

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      I never liked a clear blue sky. There’s something far too large about it, as if someone’s taken the top off the world and there’s nothing stopping us from falling into space. It’s unsettling. 

      But just a single cloud makes all the difference. It’s an assurance that, somewhere between here and the stratosphere, there is something, and that’s a thought that can assuage any worries about spontaneous space flight. 

      I say all this because I’ve always thought bruises were the clouds to the body’s sky. They blossom, drift and gently coalesce, each piece into one another. Before finally fading, as if after a rain, and leaving the skin as it was before. 

      I say all this because an unmarked body is just as unsettling to me as a clear blue sky. Not necessarily the cloud of a bruise, but just a mole, or freckle, can be enough to set me at ease. To know that this isn’t some blank canvas, but has some personality

      Of course, I like to create a little personality of my own. 


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