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Attempting to Write Oneself Out of a Hole**

The first thing to go is libido. I’m not sure why this is, now. When I was younger, I used to “act out” in a sexual way: sleeping with club take-out, or with inappropriate friends, or exes best left alone. Ill-advised encounters, often while drunk. Impulse sex. In retrospect, that’s a young woman’s superpower. That […]

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I Am Not Dead

Really. I’m still here. I’m not dead. I’m just depressed. Kind of severely depressed. Definitely not “air of melancholy sexy depressed.” Which, I am pretty sure, really only works for attractively disheveled musicians. Nope. Boring old insufferable depression. Miserable, confused depression. Forgetting what you’re doing in the middle of what you’re doing depression. Libido-killing, ennui-filled, disenchanted with life depression. […]

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Dom, Sub, Switch, Doormat?

(You may have seen this one yesterday in the RSS, because I am bad at calendars. -J.) I have a really hard time identifying as “a submissive.” It just seems so simple. Too simple. The about page is more-or-less accurate given my current relationship.  It says I’m “a spanko-y, bondage-loving, d/s-y, masochistic-type.” In true “bad at […]

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