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Impressions and Indention

If you look at vintage nudes, you can tell where the 5lbs of powermesh and elastic landed. At the waist. They’ve got indented waists. Now, if you look at enough recent nudes, on many woman with any reasonably amount of body fat, you can see where the denim lands—you can see the residual effects of […]

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Luciano Marino and Mirabilia Images

Seemed like a good day for nude fine art. I am not 100% sure what separates the “fine” art from the “not fine” art.  Maybe it has something to do with pricing? Mirabilia Images is Luciano Marino, a photographer, and Mira Nedyalkov, an artist and model.  I really couldn’t find anything about her online, but I assume she’s the […]

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Special Places

There are some spots on the body that work better than others–they’re more sensitve.  There are people that can be had just by blowing on the right spot on their neck or having their thighs touched just so. Where his hand is on her side up there? That spot sets off a cascade of other […]

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