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24/7, Kind Of

I had a happy moment when Lily Lloyd announced that she was putting together a little book on rules and discipline, as it’s one of those things that’s been on my mind lately. Several months ago, Mr. Daddy put on his Dom Hat and decided that we needed something contract-y. And, I laughed, because, hello! […]

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I lean on the cool railing and look down at the marbled floor. My feet hurt. A man’s hand stops the door. “You look good.” I squint up, expecting a creeper. It’s Evan. The elevator doors shut. “18.” I push the button. I am now stuck in an elevator with Evan the Ex. Perfect. “What […]

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Sexy Fail

We’ve all done it. Or, for the sake of my own ego, I hope we’ve all done it. That moment where someone tried desperately to be sexy, and it missed the mark.  There you are, frozen in horror–in my case probably blushing. Or you laugh, and then figure out it was not meant to be funny, and […]

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