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Every Generation Thinks They Invented Sex

Lucille Bogan makes Rhianna look demure; these songs are from the 20′s and 30′s No, really. Give this a listen. But not at work. Or in front of children. Or anyone that’s easily scandalized. Then imagine that your great-great grandma might have known all those words. Heh.

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The Blair Smut Project

This is a preview for a real movie feature film about how a box of porn attempts to destroy a family. No, I’m not kidding.  If I had to guess, these people are Mormon. Also, why on earth would it actually be in a box?  What is this, 1993? The comments at YouTube are, um, less than 100% […]

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Missing in Action

I haven’t been a very good blogger. I’d go into the whole shebang about why, but Henri is more entertaining. Mostly, I’ve had the head cold that just won’t quit.

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