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I am in charge of finding the porn this week.

Daddy likes porn.  Therefore, we watch it.  I could usually take it or leave it.  Porn night, generally Friday night, is sometimes a real bust.  Last week was one of those bust weeks.

So. Darned. Boring.  There are maybe, maybe five companies that make anything that interests me consistently.  The rest of it is usually a lot of skinny people doing a lot of phoning it in.

So, for complaining, and I guess because it amused him, I am in charge of seeking out this week’s, er, selections.

You want to know what the world *really* jerks it to?  Go on a porn hunt.  Dudes are more into shemales than they want you to know, I swear.  And, of course, teenagers.  And, golden showers.  And, cuckolding.  And, racist stuff.  And, I’m not talking the one-off.  I mean, there’s LOTS of them.

That will teach me to complain.