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Are Smart Women Sexy?

Very few people will admit they’re looking for someone dumb.

It’s no longer fashionable.

“I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (The Great Gatsby.)

Something like this?

Wouldn’t really fly today.

Usually the list is something like: smart, funny, good taste in media, a childlike sense of wonder, etc.

A wide-eyed pretty-thing that will mirror all the things I admire most about myself and gently correct the things I like least.

You’re supposed to want your equal. You’re supposed to find the librarian sexy–or, at the very least, you’re supposed to want to subdue it. Rip off the glasses, take down the hair, and reduce her.

I’ve run across the random dude who flat-out states he can’t stand to date someone as smart as him–heaven forbid he stick with someone smarter. It’s a wee pathetic, but I can admire the honesty.  I’ve also run across the Best Friend that’s pissed off his pal is dating someone that’s running around with a female brain that works like mine.

And, there are boys that dumped me for my expansive vocabulary.

I’m not even a MENSA genius.

I’m not even formally educated.

But, hell.

A girl who writes is scary. A girl who will argue with logic is even scarier. A girl who tells you exactly why you’re wrong? You might was well give up.

There’s the guy that’s up for the challenge.

But, I never really trust the challenge-type guy.

The worshipful thing? The bit where they want some teacher lover? Fuck that.

The boy who doesn’t know he’s out of his league? Worse. A thousand times worse. Unless he’s pretty.

The boy who’s unimpressed? Close to acceptable.

But, mostly?

You giggle. You keep that vocabulary at bay. You resist the urge to tell his best friend that “string theory” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

You giggle and wait.

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