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Derp in the Wire

Him 1:00 pm:
Him 1:01 pm: today I’m going to require something of you.

Joan 1:12 pm: as long as it’s not rick santorum related

Him 1:12 pm: ok. scratch that then. nevermind.
Him 1:15 pm: I was going to have you masturbate with rick santorum.

Joan 1:15 pm: damn

Him 1:15 pm: Guess that’s out then, huh?

Joan 1:15 pm: it would be the female equivalent of pushing rope

Him 1:16 pm: I want you to masturbate with the favored glass dildo. Then, I want you on your knees in my office ready for my cock within 15 minutes of me getting home.

Joan 1:17 pm: one of the dildos is flavored?
Joan 1:17 pm: ew. toxic.
Joan 1:17 pm: oh wait
Joan 1:17 pm: favored

Him 1:17 pm: …

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