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The Burning Lotus

I found this picture on tumblr:


The Burning Lotus — “I got my first tattoo when I was 37 and it was a birthday present to myself.”

I thought, “Is that gray hair? Is it a filter washing out someone’s blonde?”

It’s gray.


“I am an exhibitionist with a streak of voyeurism and a heart of gold.” (Click through.)

From her FAQ:

I take pictures of myself. Sometimes others take pictures of me too, but I tell you that in the caption of the image. But mostly it really is me and TBL. And I’m not sure which is the photographer and which is the model at this point.

There are a number of people doing mostly nude self-potrait projects on tumblr.

She’s the only 54 year old I’ve run across.

If I look like that at 54 (which is absolutely NOT going to happen; I am overly fond of cake and cream.) I’ll take a zillion lovely self-portraits, too.

I promise.


I am pretty sure I can’t even do this at 33. (Click through.)

Her totally NSFW tumblr is here.

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