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Bella Blush

I realized that I’ve linked to her work in entries, but I’ve never done a feature about Bella Blush.

That’s gross neglect!

She’s talented. Visually, she has an surprising way of gentling what should be hardcore kink. Bonus: she’s totally adorable.

These are all from her Tumblr.

"Sandy and her Feline." 2014

“Sandy and her Feline.” 2014

"Alabama (Pinned-Up)," 2012

“Alabama (Pinned-Up),” 2012

"Curing Hysteria." 2012

“Curing Hysteria.” 2012

Selfie, 2013

Selfie, 2013

"Nikki Silver swimming in silk." 2013

“Nikki Silver swimming in silk.” 2013

She’s also got websites at and, and she Tweets. Go forth and follow!

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