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The Sexy Skeleton Key

For some reason, when I was a kid, skeleton keys were all the rage. They showed up in books, movies, tv. You name it. Maybe it’s a childhood thing–having the key that works on all the locks. Maybe it was Scooby Doo’s fault. I don’t know. What I do know? There’s no magic skeleton key for […]

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24/7, Kind Of

I had a happy moment when Lily Lloyd announced that she was putting together a little book on rules and discipline, as it’s one of those things that’s been on my mind lately. Several months ago, Mr. Daddy put on his Dom Hat and decided that we needed something contract-y. And, I laughed, because, hello! […]

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Five Terrible Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Surprise butt sex. Vulva-scented perfume.  Yes, really. Lingerie that doesn’t fit.  The ways it can be taken badly actually multiply as you give it deeper thought.  It’s the terrible gift that keeps giving. Poetry with star-crossed lovers.  No one wants to be the Juliet to your Romeo, the Sid to your Nancy, or the Plath […]

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