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Agony and Ecstasy


Warning: This is a long one, and it’s potentially really offensive. Console yourself with the fact that I write a sex blog full of porn, and therefore, I’m already condemned to hell. I’ve been following a series of posts about the violent nature of various deities, and how modern sensibilities sand down the edges on old […]

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Derp in the Wire

Him 1:00 pm: Him 1:01 pm: today I’m going to require something of you. Joan 1:12 pm: as long as it’s not rick santorum related Him 1:12 pm: ok. scratch that then. nevermind. Him 1:15 pm: I was going to have you masturbate with rick santorum. Joan 1:15 pm: damn Him 1:15 pm: Guess […]

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Sex vs. Romance

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week pondering the porn vs. erotica divide. This is mostly because I spent a lot of time looking at the blogs and websites of erotica authors. And, they’re all strikingly porn free. Most of them?  Were trying to pass as romance novelists.  They don’t write porn. […]

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