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The Female Orgasm: A Brief History, Part 4


Or: Why We Should All Thank Kinsey, and Guard Against The Stupid as it Arrives Upon the Shores.   So. If you watch a lot of porn (and I do) you may notice that there’s a lot of supposed “squirting” and “gushing” going on out there. And, like me, you may assume that it’s pee. Because… well… […]

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The Female Orgasm: A Brief History, Part 3

The Age of Enlightenment and the Invention of Pornography   “The best mothers, wives, and managers of households know little or nothing of sexual indulgences…. As a general rule, a modest woman seldom desires any sexual gratification for herself. She submits to her husband, but only to please him.” Dr. William Acton, 1875 Aren’t you glad you don’t live in […]

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The Female Orgasm: A Brief History, Part 2

Cast Off Thine Taint and Become Taintless In which I roll my eyes at Great Thinkers.   We owe a lot to the Greeks.  Sometimes what we owe them is a kick in the junk. Just saying. First off, we’ve got Aristotle. The female is, as it were, a mutilated male. – from Generation of Animals […]

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