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Back Roads and Big Trucks

So, after posting the (probably incredibly ill-advised) virginity-themed erotic romance short, I ran across this pic. Most of my early groping-toward-the-inevitable happened on back roads. We were in 11th grade, and there was nowhere indoors to do that sort of thing. I lived in a double wide with seven other people, and my uncle and grandmother […]

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Long Hauls

I am over 30k.  Woot! WordPress comes with the worst stats program ever.  I guess I have to find a new one. I am still finding my way around story #3, but #5 is going beautifully. I found this picture, and now I have to find some way to include vehicular sex.  Because for some […]

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Vehicular Intercourse

I lost my virginity in a car, on a back road full of cows and barbed wire fences.  I was 16.  It was freezing outside.  Not like, a bit nipply, but, ya know, below zero. Which… has it’s own advantages. I guess I’ve never really lost my taste for car sex, though it’s been years […]

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