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Reviewing “Demica” (From Twisted!)

So, there are reviews!

Tasmin Flowers did a review and snippet of my story, and Erotica Revealed reviewed the book, too.

I chose Tahira Iqbal’s story “Demica.”

The door opens. My heart jumps into my throat again as a tall, slender woman practically floats in on sky-high heels, the seriously sharp toe peeking out from her black, billowing pants that rise up and skim her neat waist. Her ample breasts shift sensuously against the silk of her white shirt, the neck modest however, reaching up and ruffling just under her chin. Her black, poker-straight hair is tied at the base of her skull; the tail
end of it swishing against her buttocks.

“Miss Nolan,” she says, extending her hand, “I’m Demica, and I’m in charge of your induction today.”

I swallow back the surprise as I take her perfectly manicured hand, the French tips gleaming. “This isn’t what I imagined….”

“A dark dungeon with nothing but whips and chains?” She lifts her long, elegant hand to indicate the room, blood-red lips parting in a warm smile. “This is a much more conducive environment for training.”

Eve Nolan really loves her fiance. When he utters three words–”Tie me up”–her whole concept of sex and power goes into a tailspin. He schedules an appointment for her with Demica, a professional dominatrix, so that Eve can get a taste of what exactly he’s after.

Only Eve isn’t sure that she is the kinky type.

She needs convincing.

This is one of those sensual stories where everything is silk and lush. The breeze is warm, the people are gorgeous, the skin is soft, and everything smells delicious. 

Plus, come on. There aren’t nearly enough stories about the training of dominants, if you ask me.

I’ve been working my way through my copy, and Twisted is full of all sorts of kinky fun. It will be available in hard copy on February 18th.

Twisted: Bondage with an Edge, Edited by Alison Tyler

Twisted: Bondage with an Edge, Edited by Alison Tyler

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  1. jenny lyn
    Twitter: jennylynwrites
    Posted February 8, 2014 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    I’m so excited for you!! You got a wonderful mention in Erotica Revealed’s review. I feel like a proud mother hen. :) Oh, and I have a copy of Twisted myself. I’ll be reviewing a story too. Can you guess which one?

    • Joan
      Posted February 9, 2014 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, I was very surprised to see it mentioned in the ER review! It made my day!

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