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Sex Holiday

You know what this culture lacks? A proper sex holiday. There are a few that come close.  Valentine’s, of course. However, Valentine’s isn’t really about sex.  It’s about romance.  And, martyrs. Halloween can be pretty risque, but it is about death and transformation–close, but no cigar (Freudian rimshot, hello.) Prom night, here in the States.  Which, generally, [...]

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Martin van Maële

I don't even know.

 Little is known about the life of Martin van Maële. He worked at Brussels as well as Paris, and his best known work – consisting among other things of an illustrated edition of Paul Verlaine’s poems – was published in small, secretive editions by publisher Charles Carrington.  Van Maële’s career is said to have really [...]

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Sex and Authenticity

Daddy and I watch a lot of weird porn. We go looking for it. It’s not about titillation. It’s the gawking urge. It’s what kept freakshows alive. Or, reality TV. Most weird porn is just weird for the sake of being weird. Shots set up like it’s Bergman!  Decorative lizards! Singing about magical tacos! Why [...]

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