Happy New Year!

I was a very good girl last night, and I only drank half a bottle of champagne.

Champagne drinking is a serious endeavor, actually. I am more afraid of champagne than I am of tequila. Champagne is concentrated hangover serum.

So, resolution 1?

Start the New Year without a hangover.

Status: achievement unlocked.

So, my other resolutions?

  1. Take this whole porn writing business seriously.  So… finishing the book. Then, I guess… self-publishing the book. Because Amazon isn’t over run with self-published erotica, already.
  2. More dirty pictures!
  3. Overcome my fear of the stupid evil zapper. We have an electrosex box. It is scary. I makes me nervous. This is one of those things that wasn’t my idea. When you get into conversations about “topping from the bottom,” and whatnot, I am firmly in Camp Slap and Tickle. I do not need to be the subbiest sub to the Domliest Dominastard. But this box? Is all him. I hate the damned thing.  So, of course, it makes him grin.
  4. More spankings.  Heh. You can never go wrong with more spankings.

    She looks sort of like Amy Adams, doesn't she? Google images isn't giving me a source.

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